Travel Integration Services

Integration of enterprise applications on the basis of services is one of priority activities of our company. Today there are many different systems in the market which don't have software interfaces to interact with each other. If the architecture of two systems allows to organize integration between them on the basis of services, we solve this problem.

Now we have ready decisions in the following areas:

  • Integration of program set "InTour Office" with other travel systems;
  • Integration of program set  "Master-Tour" with other travel systems;

Integration services of program set "InTour Office"

The XML interface for search, booking and data exchange with external travel systems "InTour XML Service", working as a part of "InTour Office" program set, allows to exchange data with external travel systems in the XML format and consists of two functional units:

1. InTour XML Booking Service is the remote program interface (web service) which is intended for search and booking of travel services (hotel accommodation, transfers, and excursions) online in provider's system.

The client application can access the service in two ways:

  • SOAP via HTTP
  • XML via HTTP

Possibilities of the service:

  • Getting reference data, necessary for searching and booking:
  • List of the countries, resorts, cities
  • List of sightseeing attractions in each city
  • List of the hotels with description and photos
  • List of room types and categories, accommodation types and meal options
  • List of the airports, stations, flight numbers, etc.
  • Search for hotel  accommodation offers (with price specification for every night accommodation)
  • Search of transfers (with description and conditions)
  • Search of excursions and sightseeing tours (with descriptions and photos)
  • Booking (all services are reserved in one order)
  • Query of the reservation status
  • Obtaining the list of previous bookings
  • Cancellation (with the possibility of pre-information about penalties for late cancellation)

2. InTour XML Data Exchange Service – allows to organize automatic data exchange with external travel systems (Master-Tour, SAMO-tour, etc.) in the XML format. The use of this module will allow you significantly to speed up the booking processing time, simplify and accelerate the process of publication of prices, quotas and special offers for tour operators.

Main functions of the module:

  • Receiving new bookings, changes and cancellations from tour operators;
  • Sending  confirmations (non-confirmations) to the tour operator according to booking or separate services;
  • Exchange of  messages with tour operator according to the booking
  • Publication of hotel accommodation prices for automatic import by tour operator;
  • Publication of hotel accommodation quotas for automatic import by tour operator;
  • Publication of stop sale data for automatic import by tour operator;
  • Publication of invoices data for automatic import by tour operator;

The program module "InTour Hotel Assist" is designed for efficient data exchange between the incoming company and hotels. It includes functionality of the working with requests for reservation and operational management of quotas for hotel accommodation. The module consists of two ends: back and front. The back end works as a component of program set "InTour Office", and the front end is installed in the hotel.

The main functions of the back end:

  • Sending a request for confirmation or cancellation in the hotel and receiving a response from the hotel;
  • The notification about confirmation receipt from hotel;
  • Online exchange of messages between the reservation  manager and the manager of the hotel;
  • Separate display of the reservations pending confirmations, and confirmed;
  • Search by reservation number and confirmation number in the hotel.

The main functions of the front end:

  • Receiving a request for confirmation or cancellation from the incoming partner and sending of a response;
  • The notification about receiving a confirmation request;
  • Printing out of the reservation details;
  • Online exchange of  messages between the hotel manager and the reservation manager of the incoming partner ;
  • Separate display of the reservations pending confirmations, and confirmed;
  • Display of hotel occupancy on the basis of the incoming partner quotas (total or by each quota), as well as operational management of the quotas (editing of quotas by the manager of the hotel).

Integration services for program set "Master Tour"

The program module "InTour XML Quota loader" is an add-in for program set "Master-Tour" which allows to receive from providers in XML format the following data:

  • New quotas for hotel accommodation and flights
  • Correction of quotas
  • Stop Sale information

The proposed solution is the most interesting for agents who receive the "Free sale" quota from providers, i.e. the common quota that are shared among all agents. Operative and on-line updating of such quota by means of the "InTour XML Quota loader" module allows the agent to have in its database and on the site the most reliable information about occupancy of hotels and flights provided by the supplier.

Universal import of price lists module

It allows to import in "Master Tour" prices for hotel accommodation and prices for additional services in the hotel, provided by suppliers in any structured format. Data sources for import sheets can be Excel, Word, text files, database tables, web services, XML- documents, etc. The module is scalable and can be used for import of any types of services. The module comes along with the instruction for programmers and code samples for creation of additional import profiles. So you can independently develop additional profiles to import various formats of price lists.

Read more about Universal import of price lists module

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