InTour Office

intour-office"InTour Office" is the program set intended for automation of activity of incoming travel companies. It is developed taking into account the analysis of activity of several tens the incoming companies working in the different countries of the world.

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Travel Integration Services

Integration of enterprise applications on the basis of services is one of priority activities of our company. Today there are many different systems in the market which don't have software interfaces to interact with each other. If the architecture of two systems allows to organize integration between them on the basis of services, we solve this problem.

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InTour XML Quota loader

The program module "InTour XML Quota loader" is an add-in for program set "Master-Tour" which allows to receive from providers in XML format:

  • New quotas for hotel accommodation and flights
  • Correction of quotas
  • Stop Sales

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Universal import of price lists module

It allows you to import into "Master-Tour" prices for hotel accommodation and prices for additional services in the hotel, provided by partners in any structured format. Data sources for import sheets can be Excel, Word, text files, database tables, web services, XML- documents, etc. Module is scalable and can be used for import of any types of services.

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InTour Quota Web Control

The program module "InTour Quota Web Control" for program set “InTour Office” is designed for controlling of hotel occupancy (quotas) using a graphic web interface.

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