17.12.2017 We are developed a new version of InTour Online for "InTour Office". This is a web site for search and booking of hotels, transfers, excursions and excursion programs. It operates on the basis of the “InTour XML Booking service” specification.

Calculation of the cost of services is based on prices entered in the program set “InTour Office”.

Main features of the InTour Online:

  • Online search (hotels, transfers, excursions and excursion programs)
  • Cart
  • Booking
  • Cancellation of the booking
  • Personal account
  • E-Mail notification
  • Adaptive design layout
  • Multilanguage. Currently supported Russian and English, but addition of other languages is possible
  • Change of design, using style sheets (css).

08.08.2016 We represent a new product "Dynamic calculation and booking of tours". This is a complete solution designed for quick and easy online-calculation and booking of tours.

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06.03.2015 We offer you the updated module "Universal import of price lists" for program sets “Master-Tour” and “SAMO-Tour”.
This update includes:

1. The option of automatic price periods updating when importing special offers. Now special offers can be imported into the same package, where are basic prices. Intersections of price periods will be automatically adjusted;
2. Added ability to save the formulas for recalculation of the prices per room to the prices per person, and vice versa. You can create groups of formulas and store them in the database; 3. Developed new profiles for providers:

  • Alean
  • Delfin
  • Deluxe Travel
  • Desert Adventure (KUONI)
  • Robinson daily prices
  • Terma Travel


Full list of partners, for which there are ready-made profiles can be viewed here.


26.01.2015 The new version 1.2 of the program set "InTour Office" is released.
The most interesting features of the new version:

  • A new convenient form "Payment orders" to work with payment orders is developed. It gives a possibility to work with payments, both suppliers and customers in one working window. It is now possible to attach payments to several different invoices, as well as several payments to one invoice. The program automatically calculate the sum of payments for each reservation;
  • Due payment date can now be set for the invoice or for individual booking;
  • In the window "Search engine" it is added a possibility to search reservations by due payment date and also view not paid bookings only;
  • A new window "Season hotel supplements and discounts" was designed for entering information about season supplements and discounts on accommodation in hotels;
  • Expanded functionality for work with the structure of prices on accommodation in a hotel (Hotel prices structure);
  • Added ability to set different VAT value to certain services, as well as to show VAT in the customer’s invoice;
  • Added the concept and the reference "Hotel chain". Now a content manager is able to attach hotels to hotel chains and then filter data by hotel chains in the report "Rooming list";
  • It was developed a new report "Stop Sale List", in which data are grouped by cities – a separate Excel sheet for each city;

The context-sensitive user manual was updated and more than 80 additions and changes.


01.09.2014 Developed new profiles for "Universal import of price lists" module:

  • Asia Journey
  • Alba Tour
  • Bon-Tour
  • Bonotel
  • Catt Tour
  • Fit Holidays
  • Jason Travel
  • Laube Voyage
  • Robinson
  • Terma Travel
  • Vassy Travel
  • Versa

Also released an update of some profiles such as Best-оf-Travel, Finecom, KITT, NavigatorXML.
Full list of partners, for which there are ready-made profiles can be viewed here.


20.01.2014 Opened a new direction of development - additional modules (add-ins) for program set "SAMO-Tour", and the first product of this - "Universal import of price lists module"

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