08.08.2016 We represent a new product "Dynamic calculation and booking of tours". This is a complete solution designed for quick and easy online-calculation and booking of tours.

06.03.2015 We offer you the updated module "Universal import of price lists" for program sets “Master-Tour” and “SAMO-Tour”.

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Dynamic calculation and booking tours

Complex solution designed for quick and easy calculation and booking of tours.

Calculation of the tours are online-calculation based on prices for individual services, added to the database of Master-Tour, and the rules esteblished in the administrative part of the service.

Examples of introduction:

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common API

"InTour XML Booking service" specification for search and book touristic services

"InTourXML Data Exchange" specification for data exchange between travel systems

"InTourXML Hotel Prices" specification for publication and import of hotel prices

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